Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Strange Choice of Favourites.

Odd thing is that when we (I use the Royal 'we' in the liberal sense) think about 'Wuthering Heights', we..or I, tend to think about Cathy and Heathcliffe mainly. And although those two passionate characters are indeed the figurative spine of Bronte's story- there are a lot of other people to draw!
Oh and let the bells ring out for Christmas Day. :)


  1. Joseph must represent an interesting challenge!

    Have you seen Andrea Arnold's adaptation? Some questionable performances but it's rawness and earthiness is strikingly different to earlier film versions.

  2. With regard to 'Joseph'- I'm following Edward Ardizzone's advice generally- viz: drawing a character from their back-view says as much if not more, than the obvious choice. (paraphrasing!)
    Joseph was born to be drawn from behind.
    No, not seen the adaptation you mention. Will look it up, although not until I've 'finished' of course!

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