Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Roasting and boiling and clattering.

Hullo! (as Private Eye would say) 2013 is nearly out and we sit & wonder where another year has gone. I've spent a lot of time working for the National Trust as a locum-custodian at the childhood home of John Lennon- but my final M.A project was compelling me to sort my life out and get back to the joys of having charcoal on my face. I'm happy now, and although my brain feels like it's been egg-whisked due to the mammoth levels of concentration I'm currently attempting- (oh and multi-tasking- decorating a Christmas tree with an excitable five year old on one hand and trying to find an interesting angle for a drawing on the other) Today is a day of tecchie nightmare (my Photoshop has decided to throw a moody just when I need it). I did this little sketch as light-relief.
I'm going to be uploading a lot of (hopefully!) finished work in the new year - so please do check back in. Here's a few odds & sods, sketch-book roughs and photo's from visits to Haworth and area recently.
Trees are fairly few on the moorland. I think because of this, each tree seems to have a strong presence and personality, almost.
Have a lovely Yule.


  1. Gorgeous... sweeping and theatrical. I love everything!

  2. Thank-you James! I thinking going to visit the moors around Haworth (and walking a lot) was really important for getting the feel of it. There is non-stop movement- the grasses are always blowing and the sky changing continually. It's little wonder that the landscape conjured up such violent emotions in Emily Bronte's imagination!

    1. Just those few words conjure a vivid picture. I agree; there are things that you just can't really draw and understand without actually seeing them. And I bet it was wonderful to just be there - that passion shows in your work. Congrats :-)

  3. There's so much more conviction compared to your earlier work on here. Particularly like the crow brooding over the desolation.

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