Saturday, 1 September 2012

River of colour.

Some rough sketchbook stuff. I hadn't even thought about colour and Wuthering Heights. I'd thought a splash of red with b&w. S'pose that may be the case but just now I'm needing to get wild mark-making and worked over colour out of my system. Then I can pare it down I think. So, total self-indulgence really.:D

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Muji love.

I was out yesterday messing about with my new muji pens. It is lovely sitting in the shde of an old English garden surrounded by beautiful perennials and herbs. I think I like the oil marker (heavy) black line. Think it could be interesting with ink and smoky chalks. Anyways we will see.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Ilkley Moor Bah 'Tat.

Well, not quite Ilkley - the area around Haworth to be exact. A reccie with camera and drawing kit and a visit to the Bronte parsonage for the first time in twenty years. Despite signs everywhere (I later noticed) forbidding any photography- I clicked quite happily away. Ignorance (or terrible eye-sight) really is bliss I find. I can't remember the last time I stood on top of a hill and could not see or hear another person at all anywhere. I was expecting lots more dotty ladies in their Karrimor jackets. But in fact it was very lonely and quite easy to try and imagine young Emily B striding forth - she must have been a fearless lady I think. I think being alone in places like this could be become addictive. I already want to go back.. way of contrast and light relief - Gothic morris dancers are not an entity I have ever come across before. These folks seemed to channelling English folke tradition cross-contaminated with Marilyn Manson and The Wicker Man! They were great fun and I had the urge to run off with them. I suspect they all returned to their suburban homes later on, but I like to imagine them all living together in some never-ending Gothically crazed dance in a decaying manse. Hum.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Auton Invasion.

An afternoon at Manchester's Platt Hall costume collection looking at clothing circa 1800's. A little bit before too, as there is a lot of flash-back in Wuthering Heights. Anyhow, I found it useful, to get a little detail on the frippery cuffs n sleeves worn. Clothing was not disposable then of course- and even a relatively humble 'day-dress' for a middle-class lady was a work of art!
Just to get me in mood for them rollin' moors.....

Sunday, 8 July 2012

Dissertation and final project.

For my review/dissertation (the fiddly, theory part of my M.A that is necessary to prove I am not a complete half-wit) I made a short-ish study of doorways and portals in childrens' fiction. Think NARNIA, ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, ELIDOR, THE GHOSTS, CHARLOTTE SOMETIMES.Not forgetting TOM'S MIDNIGHT GARDEN. All those lovely books you escape into as a slightly older child that help to navigate the choppy waters of adolesence. Rites-of-passage type of thing. I had been dreading it (writing) but actually enjoyed it very much. I passed well with a distinction, so virtue is obviously it's own reward. Next up is a graphic treatment of Emily Bronte's WUTHERING HEIGHTS. The words chew, bitten etc come naturally to mind. I will be posting stuff as I go so please check back and take a look.:)

Monday, 16 January 2012


....looking back at Blog - some rum stuff!
Deadline over and time to move onto possibly (hopefully) more cheerful subjects than incarceration and repression.
Do think its been very valuable nevertheless and I understand far more about my limitations now! Also that I'm fairly determined on the positive side.:D
This is the poster I knocked up day or so before deadline last week - wanted to put some of the lino vignettes I made together. It looked ok printed out I think. Local printers made a decent job.
Cheers to all who've taken the time to follow the Blog:)
Onto Master's project!