Thursday, 30 December 2010

Hello my beauties!

  Welcome to Ms P.Fay's (thats me) very shiny new Blog for 2011. As you may remember, family stuff meant I had to take a break in my M.A in childrens book illustration. So, at the minute, I am 'intermitting'.
 If I was attending college I wouldn't have time for a Blog!
But, until I go back next September, I 'd like to post new work somewhere. Partly to get feedback- positive or otherwise - and partly because I miss the feeling of being an artist with like-minded folks who know that I get excited about cross-hatching and don't think me totally mad.
 So this seems a decent compromise - any mates of mine can have a look at what I'm up to, and feedback from non-visual folks is always valuable because as one of our tutors in Cambridge explained - its all about communication. So, if an illustration isn't communicating something - a feeling, anything, to the viewer, then its not fulfilling it's purpose.
 I'm on a steep learning curve so bear with me!
 I've been looking after children all week on my own so no time to scan in recent work. But I will, very soon.
 To get me started - here's a lovely Picasso that was part of a 'lost haul' found recently. Cross-hatching!