Tuesday, 27 September 2011

....I go back to college.

A first day back at Cambridge art school last week. Nervous, a bit. The new (to me) year group couldn't have been friendlier though, or more welcoming. Tutor was positive and encouraging which also helped.
 All in all a great start to the term. I enjoyed the day immensely and it was lovely to be back in Cambridge - particularly in autumn. Beautiful.

pencil nun

Stormy sea hits the convalescent home at night.

Donkeys on beach.

Donkeys on beach.

Donkeys on beach.

Young noviate nun wearing dove-grey.

Nina Tarragon's armchair - sea junk.

Nun in meditation.

Small boy lifts old lady's luxuriant wig.

 But there. My project continues and these are some of my latest drawings/scruffy ink pictures for 'Sweetly Sings the Donkey'. As our tutor exhorts us to "experiment" - this is what I'm doing. In a fairly controlled sense because I am using only b&w- it's a question of hard/soft etc the images will be. I am re-reading and re-reading the book and if I can manage to put across at least some of the atmosphere - I'll be doing ok. Very atmospheric little novel.
 All images are: charcoal/ink/chalk/pastel/conte crayon/pen/graphite stick.